Horticultural Society of A & N Islands “HORTISAN” has been registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860 with the Registration No.1487 dated 1st July, 2014.The aims and Objectives of the Society is as under.

To play a pivotal role improving the production, productivity, utilization and export of products of Horticultural crops for economic development of farmers and the Islands, and to promote horticultural crop and its research, education and development of Horticulture in Andaman & Nicobar islands.

To provide consultancy services for Horticulture projects and act as outsourcing agent for Horticulture and allied experts including implementation with socio-economic up-liftment of physically challenged men, women, children and person with disabilities through various economic activities suitable to such persons.

To create environmental awareness and assist to clean the village/ city waste management.and to promote contact and cooperation among R & D personnel working on Horticulture at National and International institutions.

To bring out regularly publications, periodicals and publish papers on Horticulture allied field,to disseminate the knowledge on all aspects of Horticulture viz biodiversity, on crop improvement, production, processing, value addition etc. by organizing exposure visit with in India and abroad, workshops, group discussion, symposium, Conference and publishing their proceedings.

To promote, collaborate, coordinate, network and formulate inter country research programme by seeking funds from National and International donor agencies, to enhance the horticultural production and to assure nutritional security and income support to farm house holds and landless poor through Nonfarm activities.

To undertake, assist, aid, finance and promote horticultural activities,to enhance the horticulture production and to assure nutritional security and income support to farm house holds and others,to establish convergence and synergy among various ongoing and planned programmers in the field of Horticulture.

To generate employment for rural youth and technology demonstrations,to identify and promote post harvest processing/manufacturing units in the public, private and cooperative sectors,to promote organization of marketing chains both for domestic and export marking.

To promote diversification of Horticulture like promotion of Horti Tourism,to grant financial assistance to the poor and deserving students for scholarship, Prize, Medals, Awards and distribution of School kits.

The Society is having expertise in Horticulture including plantation, floriculture, Bee keeping, Soil and water conservation, Watershed management, integrated farming system, Organic farming, Rural Development, Extension and in allied fields.

The update of the activities carried out since the inception of the society.
1) Formation of Coconut producer societies. 13 (CPS) in South Andaman and 10 (CPS) in Diglipur, North Andaman.*

2) Formation of Andaman Pragati coconut producer company Ltd. Incorporated in pursuant to sub-section (2) of section7 of the companies Act, 2013 and rule 8 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rule2014.*

3) Organized One day seminar at community hall Ograbraj on Coconut value addition with reference to Neera tapping and processing in association with HVADA and Agri. Department.

4) Exposure visit of members’ producer societies to Kerela including training in CDB Institute of Technology (CIT), South Vazakulam, Aluva during September, 2014 in association with HVADA.

5) Farm school on Skill development training of Neera tapping and processing for Two weeks duration (Three trainings) in three gram Panchayats of south Andaman during February- March 2015, with the financial support of NABARD.

6) Conducted Awareness and sensitation on Farmer producer organization (Three programmes) in Diglipur during August 2015 supported by NABARD.

7) Participated in the Expression of Interest (EOI) called by Industries Department for development of Sustainable Apiculture Industry in A & N Islands.

To achieve the goals and to have our contribution in the field of Horticulture and allied fields, we solicit the guidance, co operation and support of all stake holders.


Executive council Members of HORTISAN .

  President-  Shri M A Salam,( retired Director Agriculture)

                 Plot No. 7, Niketan colony, Lamba line ,

         Post Junglighat, Portblair-744103.

Vice President – Shri Ram moorthy, (retired Assistant Director agriculture)

              Deen street, Junglighat- 744103.

General Secretary– Smti T.  Ramla, C/O MES School, Azad nagar,

                                Stewart gunj, South Andaman-744107.

Joint Secretary – Shri C J Joseph,( Retired SCA),

                                   Delanipur, Portblair-744102.

 Organizing Secretary-Shri  Appa Rao, (Retired Agri Assistant)

                                     Atlanta point, Aberdeen ,744101.

Treasurer- Shri Harish Kumar,( Retired Petty Officer)

                                       No.4, Prothrapur, Opposite Panchayat samity, Pin 744104.

Executive Member– Shri A K Biswas (Retired Joint Director agriculture)

                                         Manglutan, South Andaman, pin -744105.

Executive member– Shri A S yadaw (Retired Deputy Director agriculture Engineer)

                                         Mahavir nagar,Prothrapur-744104.

                   Executive member–   Shri R Bairagi, Sunder colony, Haddo ward No 1 ,  Port blair ,  Pin 744102.


Local Resource Persons:There are highly qualified and competent personals with long years of experience in different fields of agriculture and allied subjects are active members of the HORTISAN. The details of resource persons are as under:-

Sl. No. Name Father’s Name Date of Birth Qualification Specialization
 1. Shri. M. A. Salam Late. M. Abdula Kutty 20/05/1954 M.Sc. (Agri.) (Rtd. Dir. of Agri.) Agriculture / Horticulture
2. Dr.  V. Krishnamurthy Late. S. Venkataramiah 03/01/1953 M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D (Rtd. Dir. of Fisheries) Fisheries / Aquaculture
3. Dr. R. Sounder rajan Late S. Rajagopala 15/07/1946 M.Sc(Marine Biology), M.Sc(Tropical Costal Management), Ph.D (Marine Biology) Rtd.Sr Scientist,ICAR. Marine Fisheries/ Mariculture/  Tropical Costal Management.
4. Shri. A. K. Biswas, Late. N.N. Biswas 08/10/1939 B.Sc. (Agri.) (Rtd. Joint Director Agri.) Agriculture / Horticulture/ Soil Survey
5. Shri. A.S.Yadav, Late. A.R.S. Yadav 15/07/1949 B.Sc.(Agri.) (Rtd. Dept. Dir Agri.) Agriculture/Soil & Water Conservation
6. Shri. Ram Moorthy, Late. Narayan Swamy 10/08/1938 B.Sc. (Agri.) (Rtd. Asst. Dir Agri.) Agriculture / Horticulture
7. Shri C.J. Joseph, C.A. Joseph 25/08/1953 Higher Secondary (Rtd. Soil Cons Asst. Agri.) Soil & Water Conservation
8. Shri. Harish Savanth Shri. Surendranath 10/05/1967 B.Com (Rtd. Petty Officer) Accountancy / Photography

In addition the following are the consultant and HORTISAN Promoter Members.

Sl. No. Name Father’s Name Date of Birth Qualification Specialization
1. Dr. D.R. Singh Late. Shri. R.N. Singh 20/11/1964 Ph.D (Hort.) (Dir.  NRC Orchid, Sikim. Horticulture
2. Dr. Nagesh Ram Late. Shri. Hari Ram 17/01/1957 Ph.D (Aquaculture),           Co ordinator  KVK,  ICAR. Fisheries/aquaculture
3. Smti. Hafsa Bibi W/o Shri. M.A. Salam 07/09/1969 MA. B.Ed. (Teacher MES School) Language Teacher/ Social Worker
4. Smti. Ramla, W/o Shri. Aboobakar 07/01/1971 B.Sc.(Agri.) ( Teacher in MES School) Agriculture / Horticulture /  Teaching

Dr P Ratinam, former Chairman, Coconut Development Board and former President of Asia pacific coconut community, Jakarta  is the Patron of HORTISAN .